Fortunately, the baby didn't have Down Syndrome, and got cute enough for pageantry, according to one mother on last night's Toddlers & Tiaras, who says the documentary Living Dolls inspired her to get her daughter involved in child beauty pageants.

She actually watched that documentary and walked away from it thinking that child pageants were a good idea? And she was questioning her infant's mental abilities!? But this woman displayed a lot of questionable judgment, like fighting with her six-year-old over which one of them had more of a right to be cranky.

She also wanted to "throw an egg" at her daughter for giving a bad talent performance.

"Virgin American hair. We do get the hair from American teenagers here in America."


I imagine this man is the Jay Manuel of the child pageant world. He's a makeup artist who is getting high on his own supply…of foundation and gloss.

The best, though, was this girl, who wasn't even one of the featured contestants on the show. During her interview portion of the pageant, she was pretty honest about why she is there. (Hint: It has nothing to do with making friends.)