Paco, a crude, yellow-colored type of crack cocaine is ravaging the slums of Ciudad Oculta, Argentina, and one mother is doing her part to stop the vicious cycle. Bilma Acuña, 46, has formed a support group for mothers of Paco addicts, and according to the IHT, Bilma " fields dozens of calls a week from mothers seeking help with their children's addictions. She refers some to government-run psychiatric clinics, and urges others, some of whom are recovering from addiction themselves, to join the group." Her life has been ravaged by drugs: one of Bilma's sons, David, was killed by drug dealers at 16. Two of her other sons, Eche and Leandro, are addicted to Paco. Eche has been drug-free since October (and his fourth stint in rehab) and told the IHT, "Right now I can see all the little kids lining up to buy...Paco is a plague. Somehow we need to protect them from this." [IHT]

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Any person who uses drugs yet criticizes others for wearing diamonds needs to read this story with newfound realization.