Oy, Get Ready For Shunned, the 'Jews-y Shore' Show

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When it comes to shining a light on subcultures, reality shows can be informative, but there's usually a hint of mockery. Sure, some programming is straight-forward. But respectful shows like All-American Muslim are in the minority; most programs lean more toward Toddlers and Tiaras or Jersey Shore. Will we be pointing and laughing at Hasidic Jews next, thanks to the cast of Shunned? The show, which, according to the New York Post, has not yet been picked up by a network, is about how "three ultra-Orthodox Jews ditch their strict religious lifestyle and join the sin-city world of secularism."

So, Jews Gone Wild? Not exactly. Shunned isn't about thrusting people into unfamiliar settings, like The Simple Life or Amish In The City. (Remember Amish In the City? None of those kids are Amish anymore.) The participants — Luzer Twersky, Pearlperry Reich and Shauli Grossman — have already left the Hasidic community. Still, the three castmembers — who were all married in their teens and are getting or have gotten divorced — have some fish-out-of-water experiences that could make for good TV. And at least one participant seems to have a good sense of humor: Luzer is really into bacon now.

"When I had the first bite, I felt angry," he said. "I felt how could my parents keep this from me?"


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Image of Luzer Twersky via Facebook.

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I have a Jewish friend who calls bacon "piggy love sent from heaven".