Oxygen Gets ANTM Reruns • Cat-Killer Case Results In Hung Jury

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• Oxygen has bought the off-network rerun rights to the full library of America's Next Top Model, including current and future cycles. Episodes begin airing in January. • In South Africa, the banning of virginity inspection for girls under the age of 16 has caused progressives to clash with tribal rituals which are supported by Zulus (including Jacob Zuma), who view the testing as a way to curb AIDS and teen pregnancy. • After five days of deliberation over the Joe Petcka cat-killing case, the judge has ended the trial by declaring a hung jury.• During the Clinton Global Initiative, the operator of Yum! Brands (which owns Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC) pledged $80 million to feed schoolchildren through the U.N. World Food Program. • Pénélope Bagieu, who may be well-known to francophile Jezebels as the author of Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante (or "My life is quite fascinating"), wrote a new comic that is being heralded as the French Bridget Jones's Diary. • A man in Kentucky is suing a doctor after he went in for a circumcision and woke up to find his penis had been amputated. • Shada Nasser, the Yemeni lawyer who helped 10-year-old Nujood Ali get a divorce from her 30-year-old husband, says that she is dedicated to fighting young marriage and helping women and children in Yemen. • After authorities in Australia ruled that an 18-week pregnant 12-year-old girl could not get an abortion — even with her parents' consent — until she got a judge's approval, a Supreme Court judge granted the abortion. • Leading bioethicists at Duke, John Hopkins, and Georgetown Universities are debating whether or not pregnant women should be included in clinical trial research. • The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in the Florida Keys has announced that it's reached a settlement with the federal government that will allow them to keep the 50 or so six-toed cats that roam the property. • A new Indian novel, You Are Here, illustrates how some "liberated" Indian women are not true feminists because they define one another by one's relationships to men. • Based on stem cell studies on mice, women who have their first child before the age of 24 may experience the most dramatic reduction in breast cancer risk. • Meanwhile, a new study suggests that low intake of heterocyclic amines (found in cooked meat and fish) combined with a high consumption of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids may increase the risk of postmenopausal women getting breast cancer. • Artist Annamarie Ho has recreated a Betelnut selling-booth (Betelnut being a light stimulant that is sold by scantily-clad girls in Taiwan) in a New York storefront as part of an art installation. • A new study in sex differences in pain severity has found that women are significantly less likely than men to receive high potency opiodes as well as a greater daily dose of pain killers and women are more likely to complain of inadequate pain control. •


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labeled: crazy aunt kanye

During my 2nd c-section I was becoming aware of pain and was told I was fine. I said I wasn't, that I could FEEL stuff, and they poked me with a pin under my right breast, I told them how many times, THEN they believed me. Yikes.

Afterwards, I received the max dose of morphine because that shit doesn't work on me (or my mom - most opiates don't) until they finally switched me to Vicodin, which for whatever reason, does work on me.