Oxford English Dictionary Cuts 'Cassette Tape' To Make Room For 'Mankini'

Illustration for article titled Oxford English Dictionary Cuts Cassette Tape To Make Room For Mankini

You can toss that mix tape you were hanging on to for sentimental purposes because the folks behind the Oxford English Dictionary have decided no one even needs to know what a "cassette tape" is anymore. The term is being removed to make way for new additions like "sexting," "retweet" and "mankini." That's a fabulous idea, because parents never confuse their teen by rambling on about cassettes, but references to a bathing suit introduced in Borat and never worn seriously by a single person come up all the time.

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Ignoring the ridiculousness of that decision, why would they need to remove a word for another? Are they over the limit? Is there a word limit? We're still using Old and Middle English words, yet a word from ten years ago is now being cast aside for a word that only a handful of people have and will probably ever use?

Mankini is probably going to be used more in this thread today, than in its entire existence. Has the world gone stupid? Mankini? Really? Pop Culture is the ruin of all cultures.