Owen Wilson Speaks

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  • Owen Wilson has given his first interview since his suicide attempt — and it's going to be on MySpace. Director Wes Anderson spoke with Owen about their latest film, Darjeeling Limited, and is posting the discussion tonight at midnight. We have a feeling it's going to be totally work-related, but you never know. [People]
  • Ellen DeGeneres' ratings were up at least 10% — maybe more — in the two days following her meltdown over Iggy the mutt, which is kind of crazy if you think about it. [Page Six]
  • OMG! Dina Lohan's reality show starts filming next week! "It's about empowering women to be successful single mothers," Dina says. Daughter Ali will star in the show as well. Um, how do we feel about this? Anyone? [People]
  • Naomi Campbell "blew her top" after missing a transatlantic flight yesterday at Heathrow airport. Hey, at least she didn't throw anything. [Mirror]
  • Britney's mom, Lynne Spears, is writing a book — she has a deal with a Christian publisher. [Rush & Molloy, 2nd from last item]
  • Meanwhile, Britney and Kevin Federline are due in court today, as the custody battle continues. [Yahoo News]
  • Kate Hudson's divorce is finally final. She's free to date other people! Oh, wait. [E!]
  • Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen named their baby girl Olive, btw. [ONTD]
  • Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin on Lost (and is hot), was busted for DUI Thursday in Hawaii. He's the fourth member of the cast of Lost to be arrested. The production team should probably invest in some hired drivers. [TMZ]
  • Paris Hilton's trip to Rwanda has been "postponed." LOL. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan is staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where paparazzi can't see her coming or going. Damn. [Page Six]
  • Rocker Cisco Adler (Mischa Barton's ex) was seen runing around Hyde in L.A. in his underwear. Do not want! [Page Six]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio was still a virgin at age 17? That's kinda cool. [Page Six]
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman and Marisa Tomei's new movie opens with their nude sex scene. We like them both, but together and naked? Not sure. [Page Six]
  • At Hilary Clinton's 60th birthday party last night, Elvis Costello sang "Happy birthday, Mrs. President." [Gatecrasher]
  • Dave Navarro is happy writing and directing porn instead of making music right now. "Rock used to have that rebellious 'up against the world' creed," he says. "That doesn't exist anymore in the music world — but it's alive and well in the adult industry." [Page Six]



I'd do Owen, in one of your New York minutes, and for my own Arizona All-Nite-Longs.

He's so keee-YUTE! And I don't even like blondes, and I'm old enough to be his.. big sister.

Truth: I've always wanted to host a retreat/camp for lost & very rich souls; my desert is perfect for them! Charge them outrageously and treat them like little Brownies & Cub Scouts, but with bigger, faster, louder and more high caliber toys.

Owen can stay for free of course.. and he doesn't even have to sleep with me!

Dina would be dropped off 20 miles from Camp, barefoot. Lindsey could come but only on probation.. if she continues to try to exceed her early conditioning, I'd be happy to teach her how to be a real 'Boonie-bunny'