Over-The-Counter Paternity Test Coming To Britain • Hogs To Devour 100-Pound Cupcake

An over-the-counter paternity test will soon be available in Britain. The kit's just £30 (about $50), but it costs an extra £119 to send away to a lab in New Mexico for the results. •

Researchers are studying how to keep mouth bacteria that are harmless to adults from traveling through a pregnant woman's placenta and causing premature birth or miscarriage. • Today in Godless America news: the new House spending bill could fund abortions and help legalize marijuana in DC. • A Canadian study found that boys with "deviant friends" committed more crimes, and that "help provided by the juvenile justice system" predisposed them toward criminal acts in adulthood. • Syria has imposed a minimum sentence for honor killings, but that minimum is only two years. • The Mall of America will display a 100-pound cupcake on Saturday — somehow, this is a tribute to Sponge Bob Square Pants. When the display is over, the cupcake will be eaten by hogs. • But an even bigger cupcake — this one more than 330 pounds — was eaten by humans Thursday in Covent Garden. • Time to kill? Check out these six inconsistencies from the show Roseanne. • "Experts" are trying to get Cesar Chavez, Thurgood Marshall, and Anne Hutchinson left out of Texas social studies textbooks, saying they are "given too much attention." •


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