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Over Half Of Female FLDS Teens In Texas Custody Have Been Pregnant

Illustration for article titled Over Half Of Female FLDS Teens In Texas Custody Have Been Pregnant

Here we are, worried about the sexualization of 15-year-old Miley Cyrus, when 31 out of 53 girls from the ages of 14-17 from the Yearning For Zion ranch are pregnant or already have children. Although the polygamist Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints have been claiming that they do not marry off 13 and 14 year old girls to older men, the number of very young yet pregnant girls seems to refute these claims. What's more, there are 53 girls ages 14-17 who were taken from the ranch, while only 17 boys in that age group were living with the sect. (The gender divisions in children under 14 were about 50/50.) This gives credence to the tales of "lost boys" of the FDLS: adolescent males who were exiled from the sect to keep the gender imbalance favorable for polygamous unions.


FDLS brass of course, deny that any sexual abuse has occurred. Church spokesman Rod Parker thinks that the Texas Child Protective Services is underestimating the ages of the pregnant girls. Parker told the AP, "I do have serious questions about how they are determining age in there."


Each of the 463 minors taken from the YFZ ranch by the state of Texas is supposed to have an individual hearing by June 5 in order to determine if they should be put into foster care. Civil Liberties groups are arguing alongside that FDLS that the initial accusations of abuse only focused on teen girls, yet the state of Texas took every child, no matter age or gender. But couldn't it be argued that a culture that condones — however tacitly — the abuse of teenage girls is no culture for any child to be raised in?

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CPS: Half of Sect's Teen Girls Have Been Pregnant [AP via CNN]

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Good god, the legality of this whole case is a friggen Law & Order SVU episode.

Stabler: These children have been abused!

Slimey Lawyer: But the evidence wasn't obtained properly.

Stabler: *marine anger shining through* Damnit you know he abused her!

Benson: You're forcing these children back to their rapists!

Purse-Lipped Judge: I'm inclined to agree with slimey lawyer— the evidence of abuse is out. Detectives, you have three days to find new evidence or I'll have to declare a mistrial.

And you always get really pissed, because the evidence is THERE and you're selling children's pasts and futures to the gods of bureaucracy.