For 56% of British women, that bloke who's been sitting next to them at the bar for a decade is beginning to look pretty good right now: apparently over half of single women ages 28-32 would ask a male friend to sire their child if they do not find a mate. What's more, over two thirds of women who are in relationships worry that they will be infertile, and 26% of men have the same fears, the Times of London reports. The babystakes are high these days, as more than one third of men and women would consider dumping a partner who was unable to conceive.Of the study, semi-famous tv shrink Linda Papadopoulos, formerly of Celebrity Fit Club fame, says, "Interestingly, social norms of parenting and of the conventional family structure are being challenged - no longer do we see the mum, dad and 2.4 children as the only ideal." But apparently what's not being challenged is the pressure many, many Britons feel to have children, whether they be single or part of a couple. The Telegraph notes that three-quarters of those surveyed believe that the stress of trying to conceive could sully an otherwise good relationship. If you were single pushing up against the later years of your fertility and still wanted biological children, would you enlist a buddy to donate sperm, or would you go the anonymous route and withdraw from a sperm bank? Half Of Women Would Ask Man Friend To Father Child [Times of London] Half Of Women 'Would Have A Baby With A Friend' [Telegraph]