Outside Nation's Borders Lindsay Lohan Exhibits Totally Uncharacteristic Behavior, Plus This Week's Yoko Ono Award...

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  • After a super low-key and abstemious week in New York, Lindsay and Callum Best let loose a bit in the Bahamas at one of those super understated resorts populated by close friends Gloria Estefan, Steve Tyler and the Village People. [Rush & Mulloy]
  • Razorlight concert attracts likes of Kate Bosworth, Mary Kate Olsen, Kirsten Dunst (who dates lead singer Johnny Borrell). We have never listened to Razorlight, but we have an inkling there may be some finger foods going uneaten backstage! [Gatecrasher]
  • Sheryl Crow adopts a baby boy, mercifully abstains from naming him one of those hippie names like "Woodland" or "Sierra" or "Emission Tax Credit" or some shit. [Sherylcrow.com]
  • We have basically been waiting for our entire lifetimes for a Fergie-Sarah Ferguson collabo. For the children! (And the retarded at heart) [Rush & Mulloy]
  • All those dudes who pumped their fists a little while pledging to see Spiderman 3 last weekend made good on their words. [Nikki Finke]
  • Iggy Pop on modeling the Stooges' steez on Egyptian pharaohs: "Those guys look bitchin', they never wear shirts." [Page Six]
  • Drea de Matteo is prego with some country singer who promised to put the O back in country. We have never paid any attention to these people but from the sounds of their Wikipedia entries the kid is actually getting a good shot at gene-wise being in the top tenth percentile of the celeb spawn kindergarten class. [Page Six]
  • Following on the footsteps of similar actions by Replacements and Dinosaur Jr. frontmen Paul Westerberg and J. Mascis, respectively, Beyonce reveals that Destiny's Child may reunite.
  • Gossip press rips "New Yoko Ono" title from Ashlee Simpson, bestows it upon Sienna Miller. Because Pete Wentz was less deserving of the John Lennon parallels than a supposed rock star who is also a model. [Gatecrasher]

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"mercifully abstains from naming him... 'Emission Tax Credit' or some shit."

Hilarious! You're officially my new favorite blog!