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Outrage Police Case Files

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Sometimes we get so outrage-fatigued over stuff like the Iraq and the nine figure pay packages awarded to the custodians of this market meltdown that we forget to notice life's subtler indignities. Thankfully, we have you bonerkillers. Today's citizen outrage police report comes courtesy George W. Bush's speech — yes he is still giving them; fuck no, are we strong enough to watch them — on the economy. Click the pic for today's outrageous example of casual sexism.

subject Prez Bush conference

He has said about a million stupid things in the course of the past half hour, but this has got to be the most Jezebelianly offensive:

(said to a female member of the press upon nodding her to ask a question)

"You're lookin good in yellow. . . How's the baby? . . . Is it true you named her Georgia?"

Her answers involved nervous "Uh, thank you . . . fine . . . no . . . let's get back to the matter at hand."

I wish I had a playback so I could get her name for you, or absolutely verbatim quotes, but I don't.

Commenting on her appearance? On her child? Could he just say "I want to make sure people know that you're a woman with other things on your mind than whatever question you're about to ask me, thus rendering you're question obsolete" ?


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If she did name the baby Georgia, why the hell would he think it has anything to do with him? "Is it true that you are an arrogant fuck?"