The 20th Anniversary, 2009 EMA Awards, held on the backlot at Paramount Studios, attracted Calista and Ginnifer, 2 amazing looks, and one trend I think we need to call a halt to right. Now:

Could Ginnifer Goodwin be cuter? Not hardly, kids. This is what Anthropologie would surely term "Audrey Style."

Kinda digging on Kathryn Morris' belt action, but must confess to being distracted by her 'do.


Olivia Wilde is deco-fab.

Emily VanCamp: also rocking distracting hair. In her case, "rain-storm" hair.


It must be nice for Dianna Agron to get to wear normal clothes! No fireworks here, but that's certainly her prerogative.

Calista Flockhart goes curiously mother-of-the-bride. Or, you know, politician's wife, a la 'Brothers and Sisters'.


Andrea Bowen, like all of us, enjoys a dress with pockets.


Okay, Amy Smart. This trend has gone quite far enough. Go get a needle and thread. We'll wait.

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