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Ousted Hot Obama Adviser Samantha Power's Advice On Love

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In our free time we've been learning all we can about ousted Obama foreign policy adviser Samantha Power, so here you have it for your attempts at intelligent barroom conversation: she's a big drinker and a big talker. She did not plan to take a position in any sort of Obama cabinet precisely because she likes to talk too much. She was inspired to be a foreign correspondent during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. Calls Obama a "seriously special dude." Thinks too much conviction can be a dangerous thing because it erodes empathy. Thinks genocide has "brutalized" the sensibilities of all who recognize it, making for something like a trickle-down effect that gave us Abu Ghraib. Has that same problem all smart pretty girls have where dudes don't pay attention to what she's saying because they are too busy trying to feel her up which may be why she has to say reckless things. Is dating a fellow Obama adviser. But most endearing of all, we found, was her advice on love, offered in this 2006 commencement speech.

But one among us asked of a man she was seeing, "If I had to become a refugee, could I do it with him?" In my friend's case, the guy flunked and was given the boot. But that question, that standard, has remained with me. If you lost your creature comforts, if Katrina struck your neighborhood, who could make you laugh, care for you, remain curious about you and retain your curiosity?


Words to get over the weekend's ill-advised trysts by, folks! T.G.I.F.

Why Can't We [Nation]

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

@Sweat87: I always thought that was how you were supposed to do it.

You know, Darwinism and "teh fittest" and all.

Make it work.