Our Sponsors Are Much More Reliable Than Our Servers

Jezebel experienced some sort of software "upgrade" today that sort of downgraded service, especially for you gentle readers, much akin to the way a facial causes breakouts. Anyway, our sponsors are much better than that, for which we thank them: Ben Harper, Dirty Sexy Money, Fierce People, Good Luck Chuck, and that fine media property we have recently decided to love unabashedly, TMZ. They didn't pay me to say that, I'm just saying it, because it's that time of the week I like to shake off that whole "better judgment" thing, so won't you join me? Or better yet, sponsor me? Find out how here.


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@ThaKadinskyPapers: Bless it. You are having a shitty week. Well, I still have nothing but affection for you. Especially since our safe word is my pretty, pretty girl's REAL middle name.

[wait, you do know that "bless it" is affectionate as opposed to "bless her heart", right? well, it is.]