Our Problems With Milk Really Suck

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The toxic milk scandal out of China brings up so many issues: breastmilk versus formula; a possible cover-up involving gorillas with kidney stones; the safety of products mass-produced in China (especially after last year's toy recall). But also: Just what, we, as humans, put in our bodies. When Sadie wrote about PETA urging Ben & Jerry's to use breast milk for their ice cream, a few commenters actually wrote, "Ewww." But when we posted about a dog who is nursing some baby tigers or a dog who adopted some baby bunnies, the response was more like, "Awww."How come when polled about cross-nursing, some women found it "disgusting" or weird? Just so we're clear: Humans drinking human milk is "weird," but humans drinking animal milk is not; and tigers drinking dog milk is adorable. How did we come up with these conclusions? Meanwhile, the latest reports out of China are that melamine use is "rampant" there. The European Union will now test all imported goods from China containing more than 15% milk powder, according to the Wall Street Journal. All products originating from China for infants and young children containing any percentage of milk will be banned. It's weird that this natural thing, the first substance most of us receive as nourishment after we are born, has been coopted by industry and tainted. See what happens when you screw with Mother Nature? EU Restricts Chinese Milk Imports [WSJ] Now The Apes Fall Victim To China Toxic Milk Scandal As Officials Admit Cover-Up During Olympics [Daily Mail] Melamine Use "Rampant" In China Feed Business [Reuters] Now Two Gorillas Suspected Of Milk-Powder Poisoning [Reuters] Earlier: I Scream You Scream Breastfeeding A Friend's Baby: Bonding? Or A Blurring Of Boundaries?


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It is kind of weird that people will think drinking from a human's boob is gross. People drink milk from a cow boob all the time.

However I refrain my right to say ewww, because I hate all milk and dairy products. I refuse to drink milk from ANY boob. Don't worry, I take calcium pills, yo. Don't wanna be boneless economist.