Our neighbors to the north are bucking tradition when it comes to getting hitched. Canadian brides have realized that, in most cases, (to quote Miranda Hobbes from Sex and the City) "the jig is up" when it comes to the color of choice of "virgins" everywhere. Instead, brides are "opting for darker shades of ivory such as mocha, accents of color that may or may not match their bridesmaids' dresses and even bridal gowns in darker shades such as red, blue and eggplant." Muses Bettie Bradley of Today's Bride magazine: "In Victorian times, it was quite usual for a person simply to be married in their best dress and for the men to go back to work after the wedding." In other words: Even the prudish Victorians weren't retarded enough to think that the color of your wedding dress has any bearing on the kind of marriage you're going to have. [Reuters]


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