Once in a while we get emails from our mothers (when we're on speaking terms with them, that is!) about issues of importance in the world, like the genocide in Sudan, the fact that New Orleans is being ignored, and whether Bush 43 is back on the sauce. These emails make us feel bad, mostly because we spend all day writing about things of less importance and then avoiding our mothers' phone calls because we're too busy preparing to write more of the same the following day.

Anyway, today's missive from one Jezebel mom informed us about one of our favorite subjects: Elephants!

Dear friend, Elephants are no longer safe. Countries will be voting on their fate at CITES any day now. Will they conserve elephants by putting a moratorium on the ivory trade, or allow ivory trade again — which would increase poaching? I just signed a petition telling the U.S. delegation to CITES to protect elephants. Will you take action, too? Here is the link:

"Here is the link"? "Dear friend"??? How about, "Hey honey, how are you"? Or: "I know you love the elephants, so I thought this might be of interest"? Or even: "Where's the $300 you owe me for the fucking car payment"? No, we get something short, impersonal and complete with an embedded link. Who does she think she is: A fucking blogger??

Update: Mom writes to say "It's $350 not $300".

Protect Elephants: No Trade In Ivory [HumaneSocietyInternational]
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