Our Lady Of Couture

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The church of Notre-Dame de la Daurade in Toulouse, France is seeking designer apparel for the black virgin statue it has housed since the fifth century. "Our black virgin has always been dressed by benefactors from the city or the region. This time, we asked ourselves if the top global designers, most of them French, would agree to make a gesture for her," said one preservationist. The madonna's wardrobe of four dresses is growing shabby, and the church has approached Sonia Rykiel, Christian Lacroix, Gucci, Prada and Valentino about donating a couture look for the 6 1/2' statue, granting full creative freedom to the designers. No word yer on whether anyone has heeded the plea; we'd really like to see what Lacroix does with this one: A puffball?![Reuters]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Can't Mary just use her magical powers to fix the dresses?