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Our favorite art school provocateur, Aliza Shvarts, may not get to show her controversial abortion art project — predicated upon a series of artificial inseminations and alleged miscarriages — after all. According to the Yale Daily News, "The University will not allow Aliza Shvarts '08 to display her controversial senior art project at its scheduled opening Tuesday unless she confesses in writing that the exhibition is a work of fiction, Yale officials said Sunday." In addition, two of Shvarts' advisers, lecturer Pia Lindman and School of Art Director of Undergraduate Studies Henk van Assen, who allowed the project to go forward, have been disciplined. Shvarts has also weighed in on the debacle: "I started out with the University on board with what I was doing, and because of the media frenzy they've been trying to dissociate with me...Ultimately, I want to get back to a point where they renew their support, because ultimately this was something they supported." [YDN]


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@AGreenEyeDevil: The whole shvarts release made me giggle and think about tooting. Yes, I am 10.