For the last few months, reports Erin Carlson of the Associated Press, Oscar-winning Juno scribe Diablo Cody has been somewhat of an anomaly in Hollywood: The Celebrity Writer. "Not even wordsmith heavies Paul Haggis, Wes Anderson or Charlie Kaufman have stood in a spotlight so bright," writes Carlson. "But then, none of them had the allure of a pole-dancing past, punkish attitude or surprising smash-hit, Oscar-worthy pregnancy comedy." Of course, as most celebs know, there's a terrible downside to fame: The Haters. And one can't help thinking it's a Crime Against Womanity. Would the Coen brothers ever be so aggressively mocked in parody videos? Would anyone have called Waldo Salt a whore? Blame the shoes.


Every year, Stuart Weitzman has a woman wear a million dollar pair of heels on the Oscars' red carpet. If you're a Hollywood enthusiast, or insider, you know this; Cody, apparently, didn't. So she blogged about it: "I must have somehow missed the part where my shoes cost a MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS and my 'choice' of footwear would be publicized nationwide... This looks really attention-whorey, and for once, I didn't do it on purpose." Stuart Weitzman responded, noting that Cody selected the shoes herself (which she doesn't deny) and stated: "I offered her the opportunity initially because I so enjoyed her film, and I'm very happy for her success." But the incident — and Cody's newfound place in the spotlight —rubs some people the wrong way. Comments on a Stuart Weitzman-related post over at Oh No They Didn't range from mean-spirited to insulting to downright misogynistic. "It seems as if everyone involved with Juno drank some kool aid that turned them into self-important bitches this awards season," says Disco_Balla. "Uh, you're a stripper/screenwriter. Whoring out should not be a problem for you," writes Gobbledoo. Commenter Idiophone says, "That bitch shouldn't even be invited." "Yeah shes a cunt," chimes in Superhyphy. A reader named Helen who brought this post to our attention via email asks:

What is it about unconventional women that make people (especially other women) hate on them so viciously for any perceived missteps? It's like nothing's changed in a thousand years and we just love to pick up big ol' sharp things and chuck 'em at the first "cunt" who talks too much out of turn. I'm sick of sitting around while women kick other women in the face.I am pretty sure that whatever Cody does or doesn't deserve, she gets more (pointed, claws-out) hate than an equally eccentric man.

The truth is, a woman has never won an Oscar for Best Director. Since 1927, when the awards began, six women have won for best screenplay (four have won best adapted screenplay). Diablo Cody is not a nerdy shrinking violet with thick glasses and a tight bun — or whatever a female "writer" is supposed to look like. As she said in a recent interview, "I've gotten an excessive amount of attention because I have that cheesy back story. It's really a lot of bells and whistles. We're really all just sedentary geeks, who love to write." Yes, she's a former stripper, yes, she wears leopard print, yes, she has tattoos. Does that make her a "whore" a "cunt" or a "bitch"? There have been comments on this very blog, from women, saying they don't want to see Juno because they don't like Cody's "attitude." Where does the backlash stem from? Is a woman not allowed to be smart, outspoken, sexy and trailblazing? And if she is all of those things, why do so many — including other women — automatically hate on her?


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