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Oscar Gift Bags Will Soon Contain Weed Vaporizers

Illustration for article titled Oscar Gift Bags Will Soon Contain Weed Vaporizers

Sure, "it's an honor just to be nominated" and all that rot, but you know it doesn't feel too great losing on Oscar night. At least 2015's also-rans will receive vaporizers in their gift bags, though. (Technically they're for tobacco, but come on—none of us was born last night.)


That's according to the New York Post. They say the Haze Vaporizer, by Haze Technologies, will be included in the consolation gift bags arranged annually by Distinctive Assets. Although "bag" is a bit of a misnomer, implying a few treats tucked into a glittery bag from Papyrus, when last year's came to roughly $80,000 worth of goodies.

Can't wait to see pics of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper at the Vanity Fair party, looking blazed as hell!


Photo via Rodolfo Arpia/Shutterstock.

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I always imagine that a lot of the stuff they get they never even use. It's basically publicity for the companies, so their names can show up on a list of goodies. I think they have to pay to contribute items as well...