Original 'Mad Woman' Talks About 60s Advertising and Office Hats

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Jan Maas, author of the book Mad Women, which is about exactly what it sounds like, stopped by the Saturday edition of CBS This Morning to make the hosts feel bad for not wishing her a happy 80th birthday and to tell America how difficult it was to be an ad-woman in the 60's. After gushing about how much she loved the show and insinuating, through the dancing glint in her eye, that she's a crossword puzzle shark, she explained that Mad Men gets the mid-century Madison Avenue atmosphere about right, except for a few small details, such as the fact that sexual harassment was even more prevalent (and more aggressive) when she was working as a copywriter and lady copywriters all wore hats in the office. Fancy hats. As for the sexual harassment, Maas explains that married women like herself were sometimes put in super tricky positions when older office men pursued them. She says that, though she was dogged relentlessly by her creative director for two years, she was afraid to tell her husband for fear that he, a former marine, would shoot her boss (spoiler alert?) because bygone generations just did not fuck around.

'Mad Woman' on real Madison Avenue in the 60's [CBS]

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This is kind of why I mostly find much of the love for this show to be simply gross and sad.