Orgasms, '60s-Style!

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One of our favorite bizarro blogs, Modern Mechanix, has posted a magazine piece from a creepily-illustrated January 1964 issue of Sexology on "The Meaning Of Orgasm", as explained by Eustace Chesser, M.D., "one of England's leading sexologists". Notwithstanding the hilarity of an Englishman named "Eustace" explaining the ABC's of sex (and the fact that Chesser never uses the word "clitoris") we're sufficiently dumbfounded by "The Meaning Of Orgasm" as to be rendered virtually speechless. So we'll let the article speak for itself... with brief translations, of course, provided by us. Everybody wins!

Why do I never experience orgasm?" an anxious wife asked after two years of marriage. That same question had been asked a hundred times over. Before attempting a reply another question should be put: "Do you enjoy intercourse?"

If the answer is "Yes" there is little need to pursue the matter further. To worry about orgasm is quite unnecessary. A technical term has somehow gained currency and many of those who use it do not know what it means.


Translation: If you like the feeling of a penis in your vagina, you're not missing out. On anything. Get back to work.

Orgasm is the name given to the climax experienced during the sex act. Unlike the climax of a man, in the woman it takes a variety of different forms. There is no single type of orgasm common to all women.

Some, of course, feel more intense pleasure than others. They may be so carried away that the intensity of the pleasure is almost painful. There may be an aggressive reaction, which is almost unendurable and results in crying out, scratching or biting. Often there is an agonized expression on the face, which is just the very opposite of a woman who is in ecstasy.

Translation: Be aware of what expressions you're making during climax. You might freak out your husband.

But many women are so made that they do not respond with such a violent upsurge of feeling. They do not, as has been said, "tear a passion to tatters." Instead of spending themselves in a brief frenzied outburst they are buoyed up by a feeling of tenderness which is diffused and main-tained. The vagina goes on contracting as gently as a sea anemone which opens softly in the moving tide.


Translation: Your vagina smells, looks, and feels like seafood.

The pleasure can be exquisitely prolonged by remaining in close union after the male climax has been reached. For her partner to withdraw abruptly means that for her the act is uncompleted. She is made to feel that her partner's only concern was with his own gratification. Her body has been used as a mere means to a selfish end, and, the objective gained, he is no longer interested.

Such an attitude at a time when she is hypersensitive can be deeply wounding. It relegates sex to its lowest terms as a sheer bodily mechanism. A wife feels that she is not regarded as a unique personality, the one woman in the world who matters, but as little more than a convenience. Intercourse on these terms is hardly different from prostitution, except that it is not paid for in cash.


Translation: If your husband pulls out right after he comes, he's not an asshole, you're a whore.

A woman who is only moderately sexed is not prevented from enjoying sex; just so long as she enjoys what she has got, she will find that's enough. There is no need to fret because her type of pleasure is not identical with that of someone else...

The artist, if he is worth anything, paints to please himself. He does not copy someone else. He knows there is not just one way of painting a picture, which is so right that all others are plainly wrong. The right way is that which gives him the maximum satisfaction.


Translation: Your husband is an iconoclast... an artist. Please fetch him a Scotch while you're up.

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