The best part of Oprah's "Favorite Things" episodes is the audience, who goes absolutely apeshit when it realizes everyone within is about to receive tens of thousands of dollars in awesome gifts. The annual show is the most sought-after studio audience ticket in all of TV land, and because people would do anything to get a seat, O has made it a tradition to not announce when they will be taping it. This year, she even changed up the location. She set up a taping in Macon, Georgia to play Santa to her fans there, as the city has had the highest ratings for Oprah every year since it first went national in 1986. For her fans' loyalty, she even secured them the most expensive gift in the history of Favorite Things: An LG stainless steel refrigerator with an LCD television, DVD, and digital recipe storer, which costs a whopping $3,700. Seriously, that SNL skit of Oprah's Favorite Things isn't even an exaggeration—these women really act like that.

These were the best reactions:


But this one is my personal fave. You know how the responses to joy and pain can be really similar? Like how you can cry when you're super happy or when you're sad, or when you yell out, "Oh God!" the same way as when you're about to puke or about to orgasm, etc. This lady's free-merchandise face is the same as my hungover and blogging face.