Oprah's Big Give Is Really Confusing

Last night was the premiere of Oprah's Big Give, which is set up to be The Apprentice for charitable people, except that the contestants have no idea that the winner will go home with $1 million. Each week they are given separate assignments for which they are expected to make a difference in a needy person's life. At the end of the episode, they are judged by Chris Rock's wife, some football guy and the Naked Chef as to who gave "the biggest." (That doesn't necessarily mean the most amount of money, since creativity, presentation, and leadership are all considered in deciding who did the best job. and who gets sent home each week. ) The rules are arbitrary, the way the contestants are chosen is strange and the premise is totally confusing. The only thing I understood was the choice of Nate Berkus as host. He's a total GMILF. Clip above.



I was hopeful about this show, really hopeful. But when it aired I was disappointed as it seemed the "givers" were given little direction on how to help.

My concern wasn't about the givers as much as it was about the people that needed help actually getting real/long term help.

I was robbed, robbed I tell ya of an hour!