Oprah Winfrey Really Is Taking Over The World

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  • Does she not have enough money already? Oprah Winfrey is opening her own store. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • The Bush Administration has been subpoenaed for illegal wiretapping. The moment we heard this we called our mom and screamed with joy — because if anyone's being wiretapped it's us. [BBC]
  • 1/3 of the Jezebel Administration has been subpoenaed for legal Paris Hilton/Larry King liveblogging. See you guys in two hours.
  • Little Bindi Irwin makes like dad and plays with dangerous animals fearlessly, lovingly. [USA Today]
  • The case of the now-21-year old who had consensual oral sex at age 17 has been denied bail for his 10-year sentence. We hate to say it, but we think this is what institutionalized racism smells like. [CNN]
  • TV star/presidential candidate Fred Thompson has earned the endorsements of all of his former girlfriends. Hmm. Would our former boyfriends would do the same for us. Boys? Care to comment? [TMZ]
  • We love bad TV (more on obsessions with Age of Love and Hannah Montana tomorrow!), but even we shudder at the thought of this newest reality program. [ABC News]
  • You gotta love a baby hippo! [Discovery]
  • 3 U.S. casualties identified today. [DoD]

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Oprah is opening her own store?

So she can throw out the ghost of Thierry Hermes, no doubt!