Oprah Winfrey & Gloria Steinem Bask In The Glow Of Obama's Win

During the 2008 presidential campaign campaign, Oprah said she wouldn't use her show as a platform for Democratic candidate Barack Obama. But today she announced that she is "unleashed", freely declaring her love for the President Elect by wearing a "Hope Won" t-shirt and walking out on stage screaming in celebration. For her post-election special, Oprah spoke to several political analysts via satellite, including Gloria Steinem, a former Hillary Clinton supporter. In the clip above, Steinem discusses her support of both Clinton and Obama, and says that after losing Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. when she was younger, today, "it's as if our future came back in an even better form."



Anybody have any experience dealing with racism with relatives? I was faced with a moral dilemma this evening.

I saw some earlier posts on Jez about horrible Obama comments on Facebook and other social networking sites. I've seen them from some of my "friends" too, and have just been unfriending or ignoring them. But then I saw this posted by a person in my immediate family: "My president is black :( !?!?"

The person who wrote that and I are not close. We see each other around the holidays, and that's it. She is a teenager and she currently lives in rural Georgia, where I am from but no longer live. None of those are decent excuses (what would be?!), so I mulled it over for a long time and ended up sending her a lengthy message. I tried to strike a disappointed but encouraging, educated tone. I wish I could post the whole thing here for feedback. I hope I did the right thing. I feel like letting it go would have been damaging — to both myself, and her. Help?