Oprah: When Love Addiction Morphs Into Sex Addiction

On today's episode, Dr. Drew and some cast members from Sex Rehab discussed the treatment process. The conversation turned to how sex addiction can differ between the sexes, explaining that some women—like Amber—aren't interested in intercourse at all.

Amber is 38, but has never been in a committed relationship and finds herself getting hung up on one (unavailable) guy after another, which makes intimacy difficult, if not impossible, for her. Oprah asked Dr. Drew where the line is drawn between the "normal" type of obsession/stalking women experience after being rejected, and the kind that is categorized as an addiction.



I happened to catch a couple episodes of this the other day and I thought about posing a question about it here: this is as good a place as any...

So, on the show, one guy was really putting in the work to get better and overcome sex addiction. However, he kept getting indignant/disgusted when, say, a woman's jeans were too low or one woman went into the bathroom to brush her teeth while another was in the shower. His argument was "I'm a sex addict and you're flaunting this in front of me! I have to picture two women in a shower together?"

Now. I understand he has an illness and they're in a place that's supposed to be safe from all of that, but where do you draw the line in accomodating him? It's like, "Yeah, you're a sex addict and I'll respect that but... dude! You're a sex addict: it doesn't take much to trigger you."

Did anyone else see that or have any thoughts?