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Oprah: The Greatest Love Of All Is Happening To Whitney Houston

For day two of her exclusive interview with Oprah, Whitney opened up about her daughter Bobbi Kristina, how Michael Jackson's drug addiction and death affected her, and how she learned to love herself.

Whitney tells Oprah where her daughter Bobbi Kristina was while her parents where smoking rock-laced joints and painting evil eyes on the wall.

Bobbi Kris is actually the one who told Whitney to just divorce Bobby already.

Bobbi Kris showed up for part two, and she's all grown up.

Whitney on her relationship with Michael Jackson, what she knew of his drug use, and how his death affected her.

Whitney is sober now. Or, sober enough.

Bobby Brown didn't know this Oprah interview was taking place, but Whitney says that he has a complaint, he should, "bring it!"

Whitney brought the house down—and made Oprah cry—with her performance of "I Didn't Know My Own Strength."


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I'm happy for her. I truly am. But part of me thinks this isn't as affecting as Oprah thinks it is. I find the most inspiration in the people who kicked the habit, ya know, without millions of bucks.