Oprah Teaches Us How To Smile With Our Vajayjays

Oprah's favorite gyno, Dr. Christiane Northrup, answered lots of vagina questions for O and her audience today. Dr. Northrup is way into spirituality, so she employs methods other than straight medicine as remedies for physiological problems. Today she taught the women about Qigong (pronounced chi gung), which is when you use your mind to increase energy flow to the body. Naturally, they were trying to send the energy downtown (to their "low heart" aka vajayjay), as a way to arouse themselves — which was kinda weird, since they still had another 30 minutes of the show to tape once they were all worked up.

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This so reminds me of the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes where the ladies are invited to straddle their mirrors and discover the source of their strength and their separateness. "Miss Couch? Miss Couch! *whispers* Do you have a problem with your sexuality?" "No ma'am, but I do have a problem with my girdle."