Oprah: Tatum O'Neal Finally Makes Peace With Farrah Fawcett

Academy Award-winning actress Tatum O'Neal was on Oprah on Friday to discuss her cocaine bust from a few months back, when she tried to cop drugs on the streets of the Lower East Side of NYC. It was confusing to a lot of people, why someone with her kind of money, would be on streets buying drugs from strangers instead of having her own dealer. It turns out that she'd been sober for so long that she no longer knew where to get drugs. Luckily, before she had a chance to even do them, she was arrested by the police, charged with a misdemeanor, and had to pay a $96 fine. Raised in Hollywood, Tatum's had a really troubled past and was an addict a pretty young age. She notoriously feuded with her father Ryan O'Neal's girlfriend Farrah Fawcett for years, and when Tatum's autobiography came out in 2004, she was still bitter about the "other woman." After word of her arrest got out, Farrah was the only person in Tatum's life to call and see how she was doing. Clip above.

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This is the only part of the interview I've seen - and maybe I missed it in the post-arrest stories - but why did she relapse?

She was awesome, btw, in this recent Lifetime movie she was in about these cheerleaders who were totally evil and the girl from Step Up was in it. Loved it.