Oprah’s Network Now Giving the People Exactly What They Want: Junk Food

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Oprah is slowly regaining her throne again after some early struggles to find viewers for OWN, which has increased its audience from 52,000 in 2011 to a healthier 66,000. Consiglieres close to Oprah say that she's learned a lot of important life-lessons about achieving a balance in her business endeavors, and realized that the thing people really want to see on OWN is Oprah talking to Rihanna about Chris Brown, or Oprah talking to Bobbi Christina about Whitney Houston, two interviews that drew 2.5 million and 3.5 million viewers respectively.


With more high-profile celebrity interviews and more personal appearances (people will watch OWN only if Oprah is, in fact, on it), "sources" close to Oprah (maybe mosquitos? the small woodland creatures that drape Oprah every morning in cloaks of fresh flowers?) attribute OWN's nascent turnaround to more "ratings grabbers" and fewer maudlin, self-help stories, because it's all about balancing junk food and healthy food, according to one source with a particular penchant for metaphor:

Oprah has learned it's a balance. It can't be 100 percent chocolate or 100 percent vegetables. There is still self-help too, but it has to be wrapped in more of an entertainment filter.

In other words, Oprah's done with trying to help us help ourselves and will happily feed us all the Bugles, Zebra Cakes and Mr. Pibb we can fill our stomachs with, because OWN is finally set to turn a profit in 2013 and Oprah doesn't want to jeopardize that success by taking her audience off a steady diet of celebrity junk food.

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The Oprah Winfrey who had her talk show on ABC was always preaching about the negative effects of reality shows, the celebrities the genre spawned and what she deemed "trash TV." But, she also said she was quitting said talk show to retire and then went on to start her OWN network. It doesn't surprise me, after realizing how low her ratings were when she produced shows about "real" people, that she would start inviting people like the Kardashians to interview. Oprah knows which side her bread is buttered.