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  • Oprah's golden retriever Gracie died in May after an unfortunate choking incident and still Oprah is talking about it, only now she's putting that Oprah-branded spin on it saying that Gracie's death was really a hidden message that she needed to slow down and take more time to appreciate her own life. Seriously, we don't even have a response to this. [USA Today]
  • Oh yes: That's what's missing in the EU — machismo! [BBC]
  • Memo to People magazine: Please do not ever ever put that Jenny McCarthy eats nachos as an item under the tag "breaking news". Ever. []
  • Not shocking: Republicans don't want to pull out (from Iraq). But they don't want to give a Plan B either. Draw your own conclusions from this heavy-handed metaphor. [CNN]
  • The Island of Britain, scientists have discovered, was created over 200,000 years ago by massive flooding. We think that's just past the timeline for which Al Gore can drop one of his global warming "I told you so!'s." [BBC]
  • President Bush has called for the establishment of a new panel to review new safety precautions for imported foods. He says this is totally not all about China. Even a novice in Bush-speak knows that "no" always means "yes," so sorry, China, Bushie has it in for you! [CNN]
  • Anyone else skeptical that North Korea seems to be volunteering for nuclear disarmament a little too easily? [NYT]
  • Breaking news! Hootie and the Blowfish have delayed the start of their summer tour! Wait a second — Hootie and the Blowfish are still around? How the fuck is that possible? [USA Today]
  • 1 U.S. casualty identified. [DoD]

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At least once or twice a week (usually twice) I make mac and cheese from the box, add 3 or 4 slices of chedder and sometimes throw in a handful of potato chips on the side (if I'm feeling wild). I usually follow it up with three oreos and a glass a milk. I sometimes cancel social plans to do this. I don't like to mix carbs and boning.