Oprah On Obama: "He's Not The First Black Man To Run For President"

Oprah went on Good Morning America this morning to discuss her endorsement of Barack Obama and dispel rumors that the campaign wrote her speech. In the clip above, Diane Sawyer asks if she's just supporting Barack because they're both black and Oprah calls bullshit and says she's voted for Republicans before — who? whatevs — but the interesting part comes afterwards when Denzel Washington pipes up and asks Oprah, "What are those voters out there in Middle America thinking anyway," or something along those lines, and she basically says, "Uh, genius, they're sick of slipping into bottom America."

Denzel is also crushing on Obama and between him and Michelle and Robin Givhan, whose amusing knock on John Edwards hardon for overalls yesterday we are choosing to interpret as a tacit Obama endorsement since it's obvs she can't get with Hillary's pantsuits, I think it's safe to say three of the most finely-tuned bullshit meters agree on one thing.


And yes, sometimes I trust black people's bullshit meters better than my own, and no, I am not talking about black people who play the lottery, although given the state of class mobility in this country I'm not sure playing the lottery couldn't be considered a rational economic decision for some people, which is why I would so like to vote for the candidate of "change."

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@SinisterRouge: Just because you are disagreeing with someone "from the right" doesn't make you "right wing." And just because social security isn't going to collapse tomorrow, doesn't mean that it isn't a problem that needs fixing. And there are a lot of "progressives" out there that agree on that. I swear, sometimes I think social security is the liberal's version of global warming (won't admit it's a problem and would rather leave it to our children to fix). As for health care, well, I'm a progressive and I think mandating people to purchase private health insurance (key: private, not a buy-in to a single-payer system) is a screwed-up wealth redistribution policy that transfers money from individuals to private, for-profit entities. If Krugman were lambasting all three of the top candidates for their failure to advocate a single-payer system, I'd buy the "progressive" argument. As it is, though, we are just arguing about which is the best way to get the most people covered in basically the same system we already have. Personally, I prefer the cost-lowering, non-mandate route. I recognize, though, that others disagree.

@Mynameisrio: The Clinton campaign has been referencing Krugman's pieces for a while now. Yesterday alone her camp came out with three oppo pieces, one of which was pretty negative, quoting some of Krugman's more strongly-worded opposition to Obama. Why on earth would Obama's people not respond to that, particularly when they have substantive differences with what he is saying?

All of the candidates have released plans and spoken at great length about their foreign policy plans, education plans, etc. The media is focused on character and on health care (which, when you think of it, is kind of silly, considering any health care reform is going to have to come from Congress).