Oprah On Drew Barrymore's Vogue Cover: "It's A Validation That You're A Real Woman"

Drew Barrymore was on Oprah today, lisping about her involvement with — and $1 million donation to — the World Food Programme. Oprah brought up Drew's appearance on the March issue of Vogue, since it's something they have in common. (This marks Drew's third time, while Oprah's only graced the cover once.) Drew remarked about how it's every little girl's dream to be on the cover of Vogue — um, speak for yourself, Gertie — and Oprah was like, "It's some kind of validation that you're a real woman." Drew agreed saying, "It is. Especially if you're someone who is so utterly yourself." That is so utterly a Drew Barrymore quote right there. But also, she is so utterly not herself on that cover, thanks to someone's compulsive use of Photoshop! Clip above.



"It's just so awesome when you're not only viewed as beautiful enough to be on the cover of Vogue, but, when, like, you're so naturally awesome and unpretentious. Like, I must radiate this beauty, but I'm so hip and cool that I don't even TRY. It's SOOO magical..." -Drew Barrymore

@littlebunnyfoofoo: YES! Yes she would. Like, you idolize her when you're a little kid, and she's so much fun and you always love her but, as you get older, you realize she's just a little bit crazier than you'd realized as a kid...

@ineffable.me: I wasn't the one who said that to you earlier, but I agree with whomever did, and you have FURTHER proven your awesomeness by amending the sentence. THANKS!