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Oprah Makes Oz A Star; Girl Gangs In Central America; Why Men Are Idiots

Illustration for article titled Oprah Makes Oz A Star; Girl Gangs In Central America; Why Men Are Idiots

Ed Note: We hear about and see so many stories that we can't find the time to comment on that we're gonna try something new: "Leftovers", a daily "accounting" of the stuff we had to leave behind. Let us know if you like it, and, obviously, feel free to click through on the stories and flesh them out for everybody.


Oprah sells her old designer clothes to crazy fans. • Oprah to create a "Dr. Oz" TV show. • Central American girls flee abusive homes to join machista street gangs. • Cat poop coffee goes for £50 a cup at Sloane Square, London. • British man can't gain weight, hopes to "cure obesity." • Delude yourself into losing weight! • Miss World contestants have to prove that they actually care about helping people. • Woman photographs endearingly eccentric prostitutes in Las Vegas. • New book claims biological reasons for women becoming flustered and men being idiots. • A 42-year-old woman claims to having been forced to have sex with teens by her lover. • Baby Couture, a new magazine, shills for Prada Kids and makes a play-on-words with "flip-flops." • A man in Louisiana was denied a request to wear a short skirt in public. • Large-breasted gals told ill-fitting bras may be the root of their back pain.

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

U.K. is just getting Allen and Barbara Pease?

It's just a rehash of "Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps", everybody. Plus, no solution in sight — and some of us have been able to read a map since we were four.

No one get excited. These aren't the droids you're looking for.