Oprah: Jennifer Aniston Explains Why Angelina Is "Uncool"

Jennifer Aniston was on Oprah today to promote her new film Marley & Me (which opens the same day as Brad Pitt's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), and Oprah dove right into talking about Jennifer's Vogue cover and interview. Jen said that the cover's quote about Angelina Jolie wasn't completely accurate, but that yes, she felt that some of the shit that Angelina said has been "uncool." She went on to say that she's proud of Brad and his family and the work that he's done in the past few years. She also didn't miss a beat after Oprah asked her if she's dating John Mayer. It was a resounding "Yes!" But she's not pregnant. And definitely not pregnant with twins. Clip above.


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Flowers For Algernon

Are we going to get a post on Beyonce? It might seem trivial but its just odd the little notice the biggest pop star in the world ( who happens to be black ) gets on this female site. Her interview even featured some good platitudes about being happy in your marriage and the importance of working hard in school. But i digress.

*goes back to sketching sweater capes*