Oprah: Jamie Lee Curtis Cuts The Crap About Women And Aging

Jamie Lee Curtis was on Oprah yesterday to discuss aging and being the naked cover girl of the current issue of baby-boomer magazine AARP. Curtis says she's over fighting the aging process — she openly admits to the plastic surgery she's had in the past — saying it's futile, and that once she dropped all the bullshit nonsense about looking and dressing the part, she finally felt free. It sounds a little self-help-y, but it was also kinda inspiring to hear someone famous go on such a huge show as Oprah and talk about her disdain for the fashion and advertising industries, because of what they do to women's minds. Clip above.

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@misssgolightly: She wrote a great piece for Huffington Post back when Paris Hilton got sent to jail, it was basically a fuck you to the mothers of these girls for raising them so poorly. I fell in love even harder after reading that, and this makes it even better.