On Sunday evening, Oprah Winfrey aired one of her shows on OWN, the network otherwise known as I Own This Motherfucking Network, Bitches. This show is called Super Soul Sunday because it airs on Sundays. And this episode starred a very special woman: Madonna Badger.

Who is Madonna Badger? Madonna Badger is an advertising executive who tragically lost her entire family in a fire several years ago. This information was decidedly not available during Oprah's livetweeting of her episode last night. For those who weren't watching the episode, what did we learn about Madonna Badger via Oprah instead?

Madonna Badger is a true hero who has LITERALLY AND SPIRITUALLY WALKED THRU THE FIRE.

Madonna Badger will inspire you for sure.


Madonna Badger knows that you can't think your way out of bed.

Madonna Badger something something "Vibrational magnetic connection" god that makes a lot of sense.


Madonna Badger is still so inspiring.


Madonna Badger wow you have aha-ed my life.

Madonna Badger [beautiful angel daughters] [prayer hands emoji]


Madonna Badger I don't even know what are words?

Madonna Badger: still profound.


Madonna Badger is a piece of God of the same source she is #SuperSoulSunday she is Oprah she is

Image via OWN