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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Oprah Is PETA's Person Of The Year

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Oprah Winfrey has been selected as this year's "Person of the Year" by PETA, for using her various media outlets to give "powerful voice to defend those without one." Maybe next year, Lindsay! [People]
  • Tim Gunn is a friend of PETA, as well: the Project Runway judge has taped a narration for a graphic anti-fur video that is being sent to major designers in order to deter them from using rabbit fur. "Any designer in the fashion industry who does not want to watch the PETA video and see exactly what happens to animals and how they're treated and how the product that they use comes to the marketplace, I believe, is egregiously irresponsible," says Gunn. [PageSix]
  • Criss Angel says he doesn't want anything for Christmas, except for his girlfriend, Holly Madison: "I'm hoping Holly will just put a bow in her head and that will be my present," Angel says. Madison has similar wishes: ""I just want you," Madison told Angel, "I'm in love and I'm so happy."Anyone who ever saw one episode of The Girls Next Door can see exactly where this relationship is going. [People]
  • Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, who are already married, held a private commitment ceremony in front of friends, family, and daughter Honor this weekend, in order to "celebrate their love and commitment to each other."[US Magazine]
  • Rhianna will be performing at the Recording Industry Association of America's Presidential Inauguration Charity Ball on Inauguration night. Her performance will benefit Feeding America, a hunger-relief organization, whose president, Vicki Escarra, claims, "We could not be happier that Rihanna will be performing at the Inauguration charity ball to benefit Feeding America." [People]
  • High School Musical star Zac Efron spent time handing out 10,000 worth of free toys to critically ill children on Friday. ""Some of the kids couldn't even speak, but they had the widest grins and would sit as close to him as possible," a source says, "Zac was super gracious and could not have been more kind and truly happy to be there."[US Magazine]
  • Is David Beckham signing up for an Italian version of Big Brother?[DailyMail]
  • Jim Gaffigan and Kristen Wiig will both guest star be "present" on Flight of the Conchords this season. [RedEyeChicago]
  • Kelly Clarkson will be back with a new album sometime this spring. What's she been up to, since she's been gone? Find out at her new video blog. [Just Jared]
  • Jim Carrey's Yes Man beat out Will Smith's Seven Pounds to claim the top of the box office this weekend. [ONTD]
  • Sad news: Olga Lepeshinskaya, a Russian dancer who was reportedly "Stalin's favorite ballerina," has died at the age of 92. [Reuters]
  • Academy Award winning actor Richard Attenborough is "seriously ill" after hitting his head during a fall at his home. "He had a fall and banged his head," Attenborough's niece says, "He’s not 30 any more. He’s 85 and falls hurt, you know. He’s doing well. We don’t know when he will be released or whether he will be home in time for Christmas but we all hope so." Get well soon! [DailyMail]
  • Charges won't be filed against Everybody Loves Raymond star Brad Garrett, who was caught on tape shoving a paparazzi. An evaluation found that the paparazzi used “hostile and derogatory language” in an attempt to provoke Garrett. [MSNBC]
  • Ladies, Robert Pattinson isn't a real vampire. He doesn't want to bite you, so stop asking. ""I was with a whole bunch of teenage girls yesterday and they were saying 'Bite me please!" Pattinson says, "I'm still waiting for the snuggles. I just constantly get people saying 'Bite me, bite me, bite me' and I have to tell them 'Look I can't bite you because it will hurt." [ShowbizSpy]