Oprah is going on the road to campaign for Barack Obama. What does it meeean? Will she make a difference? Do Oprah watchers lean toward Hillary? Will Oprah go negative on her where Obama cannot? Are her ratings better in New Hampshire or Iowa? And most importantly, will she finally manage to shame Tyra "This is just another thing to endorse" Banks into endorsing him? No one knows! But we'll be staying tuned! [Guardian]


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I have a love-hate relationship with Oprah. I love that she's accomplished so much and pushes education as a means to success, but I hate that she also seems to pander to her audience and revels in materialism and commercialism. And I just haaaaaate that she wants to tell everybody what to do. You're not the boss of me Oprah!

As to Hil, my boyfriend and I got in an argument last night because he said the only reason she's doing so well in the polls is because people want Bill back in the White House. I was like, "WTF! SHE'LL be President." And he was like, "Yeah. But your average Joe is thinking Bill's the one with the experience. Let's give him another shot."

Do people really think like that?