Today's Oprah focused on California's Prop. 2, which would mandate more humane living conditions for farm animals bred for food. People supporting Prop. 2 are looking out for animals' best interests, in hopes that pigs, cows, chickens, etc. can spend at least a portion of their lives with some mobility. (Most animals are confined in small cages or pens, leaving them only enough room to lay down or stand up... never turn around.) Those opposed argue that putting mandates on farms will be prohibitively expensive, causing some farmers to go out of business, while others will just ship in eggs and meat from Mexico instead of producing it themselves. In the clip above, Lisa Ling visits a pig farm in which sows live immobile in gestation stalls for three years until they can no longer get pregnant, and are then slaughtered. It's heartbreaking because pigs are so adorable and smart...and bacon is so delicious.