Today on Oprah, Lisa Ling presented an investigative report on Richland County, Ohio, which is experiencing a heroin addiction epidemic and currently has no rehabs or methadone programs. One family she focused on - two parents, two teenage boys, and one 13-month-old boy - are all addicted to heroin. In the past four years, since the family began shooting up, they have lost their house, their cars, and their jobs. They now live in a homeless shelter and drive two hours every day to pick up their fix. They needed to be interviewed via satellite because they couldn't be away from their drug source long enough to go to Chicago to tape the show. When Oprah asked the family how they make their money to afford all this, they shifted in their chairs. They would only admit to "hustling" and the occasional shoplifting. Tonight, the investigation of the rest of the town goes deeper on Nightline. Clip above.