Today, Oprah's big reveal was that she had a long-lost half-sister that her mother gave up for adoption and never told the family about. Today, O and her new sister sat down with their mom to get the story.

Patricia—Oprah's newly discovered half-sister—was given up for adoption shortly after she was born in 1963. As an adult, she began looking for her birth mother, going through the proper legal channels, but learned that her birth mother wanted no contact with her. After learning that she shared the same mother as Oprah Winfrey—Vernita Lee—Patricia made several more attempts to contact the woman directly and at one point through their respective pastors, but Vernita repeatedly turned her down. Finally, after nearly three years, Patricia found a way to get in touch with some of Oprah's extended family, who helped facilitate a family reunion.

On today's episode, Oprah and Patricia sat down and talked with Vernita—who you'll notice never looks at Patricia although she's talking about her the entire time—appears incredibly uncomfortable.