Oprah Celebrates First Graduation From Her South African Girls' School

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A group of 72 students will graduate from The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy on Saturday—the first graduating class of Winfrey's elite South African school. "I am one proud mama," she said of her girls. And she should be: Her school was among "just 544 out of some 6,500 South African schools whose entire graduating class passed national final year exams last year." Her students are headed for colleges all over Africa and the U.S., more than a dozen of them receiving full scholarships. Winfrey lunched on Friday with the graduates and will address the class at the ceremony on Saturday.


Oprah: 'One proud Mama' at Academy's first graduation [USA Today]
AP Interview: Oprah Winfrey celebrates 1st graduation from her South African girls school [Washington Post]

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