Opera Singer Is Rehired After She Loses Over 100 Pounds Through Gastric Bypass

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In 2004, Deborah Voigt, a renowned opera singer, was fired from a London production of Ariadne auf Naxos because, according to the New York Times, she was "too heavy to wear a sleek black cocktail dress that [the director] deemed integral to his concept." The opera company had to pay out Voigt's contract even though she was not performing, and the famed soprano took the extra cash and subsidized gastric bypass surgery. Now, four years later and over a hundred pounds lighter, she is returning to London to wear that cocktail dress and perform as Ariadne. Voigt even made a YouTube parody sending up the "little black dress incident." Voigt seems to play both sides in this situation, reports the Times: "[she] defends the right of opera companies to take appearance into account when they are casting productions, while insisting that vocal artistry should come first."


Though Maria Callas famously ruined her voice when she lost a lot of weight, Voigt's voice, while changed, has not worsened. "Some opera buffs and critics detect a slight loss of warmth in her sound. Others counter that her voice has gained brightness and shimmer," the Times notes.

Voigt has said that she wanted the gastric bypass for health reasons (knee problems, high blood pressure), but before she lost the weight she was a longtime advocate "of the principle that body size does not determine whether an opera singer can be dramatically compelling," the Times says. In addition, she admits that she got the gastric bypass when she did because she was humiliated by her public dismissal from Ariadne. Knowing Voigt's history with the role, it's hard to feel that her return to Covent Garden is a complete triumph; it feels more like a prolonged case of Stockholm Syndrome.

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The statement that Maria Callas ruined her voice when she lost weight is both unfounded and debatable. Only some people think her voice was ruined — others argue that it was brighter, better — and her incredibly successful career continued for years after she slimmed down (something that happened early on). The benefits of losing weight as an opera singer are many, including the ability to be more expressive and physical on stage (the reason Callas decided to lost weight). Callas discontinued her career because of problems dealing with fame and pressure, and because after sustaining so many performances on a vocal range that was both impressive in its scope and its quality, her voice box just couldn't do it anymore.

While the director's reasoning for pushing this woman off the stage is annoying, in the long run she has greatly improved her health, added to her longevity of life, and has NOT ruined her voice by getting slimmer. Deborah is a healthy, hefty weight, with more than enough physcial oomph to back up her diaphragm and the work it has to do. And it sounds like the new tone she has acquired will be appreciated by many. I don't see how this is such a negative thing. Was the director kind of a douche? Sure. Totally. But this is a good thing for the singer in the long run, and that's really what matters.