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  • "Whether it's Billy Ayers or Bernadine Dohrn, Tom Hayden or Jane Fonda, or any of the other lesser-knowns, 60s Marxist radicals are lining up behind Obama." [National Review]
  • And like check this quote from Francis Fukuyama that acid-dropping borderline ecoterrorist: "It needs to do some symbolic things like, we shouldn't torture people." [Yahoo! News]
  • "I haven't sat through a single Obama speech without ideologically wincing at something…So why do I find myself still longing for him to win?" (Wild guess: he is hot.) [Andrew Sullivan]
  • And another Obamican meme blowing up the internet now. []
  • McCain gave a speech on nukes that was somewhere to the left of Bush and to the right of the Obama/Kissinger (?) side of things and it was high on protesters and low on specifics except that he would "never surrender in Iraq." Oh, Bravo. [Wash Post]
  • A Detroit seventh grader named Keiara Bell has gained local notoriety calling out politicians over acting like "second graders." No seriously, aside from that text message scandal, a council member called another a "Shrek." [WSJ]
  • JP Morgan says inflation is set to hit its highest rate in 17 years! Easy for them to say as they did not exactly pay an inflated price for Bear Stearns. [WSJ]
  • Oh no, America has stopped getting fatter. This could be a terrible sign for numerous economic sectors, from the restaurant industry to the perennially cash-strapped agriculture sector to the entire health care economy, the country's only non-military net job creator in the past ten years…I would predict steady Japan circa 1998-style deflation and a good decade of GDP stagnation, but…yeah, wishful thinking. [NYT]

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