Only Coloreds And Communists Are Going To Vote For Obama, Cont'd…

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  • "Whether it's Billy Ayers or Bernadine Dohrn, Tom Hayden or Jane Fonda, or any of the other lesser-knowns, 60s Marxist radicals are lining up behind Obama." [National Review]
  • And like check this quote from Francis Fukuyama that acid-dropping borderline ecoterrorist: "It needs to do some symbolic things like, we shouldn't torture people." [Yahoo! News]
  • "I haven't sat through a single Obama speech without ideologically wincing at something…So why do I find myself still longing for him to win?" (Wild guess: he is hot.) [Andrew Sullivan]
  • And another Obamican meme blowing up the internet now. []
  • McCain gave a speech on nukes that was somewhere to the left of Bush and to the right of the Obama/Kissinger (?) side of things and it was high on protesters and low on specifics except that he would "never surrender in Iraq." Oh, Bravo. [Wash Post]
  • A Detroit seventh grader named Keiara Bell has gained local notoriety calling out politicians over acting like "second graders." No seriously, aside from that text message scandal, a council member called another a "Shrek." [WSJ]
  • JP Morgan says inflation is set to hit its highest rate in 17 years! Easy for them to say as they did not exactly pay an inflated price for Bear Stearns. [WSJ]
  • Oh no, America has stopped getting fatter. This could be a terrible sign for numerous economic sectors, from the restaurant industry to the perennially cash-strapped agriculture sector to the entire health care economy, the country's only non-military net job creator in the past ten years…I would predict steady Japan circa 1998-style deflation and a good decade of GDP stagnation, but…yeah, wishful thinking. [NYT]

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@SinisterRouge: I think we agree. The only difference is that you're calling them centrist and I'm calling them compromisers. And for the (imaginary) record, I think Hillary is, in realty, far less of a compromiser than both Obama and her husband. Which is why my support has always been behind Obama, whether or not I've always been able to recognize it as such. I'm not interested in catfighting.

Slightly OT: I caught the second half of the two-part American Experience about Harry Truman last night. Watched it because I wrote a report on Truman in, like, 6th grade, but couldn't remember much about him for the life of me. Happened to catch the half where they talked Korean War. It was amazing — the man had a lower approval rating when he announced he would not seek another term, nor accept a nomination from his party, than Nixon on the day he resigned because of the Korean War (although he also was not on good terms with General McArthur, which made him incredibly unpopular because McArthur had just won WWII), but left Washington and returned to Independence, MO, to some of the largest farewell and welcome home crowds up to that time.

It just seemed in stark contrast to Bush. Truman was unpopular because he resisted McArthur's demands to attack China with small nuclear weapons, because he wanted to fight a war with less massive destruction if he could help it; he was unpopular because the war was seen as unwinnable by the people and by himself, and yet he was actively working to figure out how to get the troops out with minimal damage; he was focused on American prosperity (there was this amazing sign someone was holding with a bunch of "Thanks" messages — "Thanks for winning the war" etc. and the fourth one or so down was "Thanks For Making Us Rich!") and domestic policy while dealing with incredibly complex policies overseas.

And I was just like, DAMN. I want Harry Truman! God, November can't come soon enough.