This morning's GMA took a look inside the growing world of free online sperm donation. Though the FDA is currently cracking down due to lack of regulation, more and more men have shown willingness to give their sperm away at no charge via social networking sites as opposed to selling it to banks. Transactions can be set up wherever the donor and participating mother choose, with Starbucks lavatories being among the most popular (because nothing makes you want to j-off more than a bathroom with a broken lock, no paper towels, and a flooded toilet). The injections are left—thank God—to the woman and her partner.

As the trend increases, it will be interesting to see what restrictions and complications arise. The lack of an intermediary such as a sperm bank could possibly open the door to issues concerning custody and safety, but, on the other hand, families have been taking control of insemination for ages. Could free online sperm donation simply be the modernization of a very old concept?