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Online, Love Never Dies — Even If It Should

Illustration for article titled Online, Love Never Dies — Even If It Should

A survey by found 59 percent of people stay Facebook friends with their exes and 74 percent Google them. So don't think of breakups as the end, but rather the beginning of the relationship's stalking phase.


Image via Yuri Arcurs/Shutterstock.

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It's not really stalking to be curious about what's going on with someone who used to be a hugely important part of your life.

That said, I pretty much have stayed friends and in contact with every woman I've had sex with since I was 19 - except for my ex wife.

She seems completely invisible on Google, so I don't know if never hearing from her is a case of her hating me or just having no online/social media presence.

My first serious gf when I was 19 (was with her for about five years) was one of the first people to randomly friend me when I first signed up for Facebook.