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Jane Coloccia, now 45, spent eight years online dating. That's about 200 dates. Now she is an "expert" at online dating, which means she has a book, of course: Confessions of an Online Dating Addict: A True Account of Dating and Relating in the Internet Age. Coloccia says, "I would go on three or four dates a week. One Sunday I had three dates - brunch, lunch and dinner." It would be safe to say that she loved the attention. "It does get very seductive as it is nice to open up an email and someone to say you are beautiful and they want to meet you," she explains. Anyway, Coloccia says: "My impression before I did this was that the people online were weirdos, but that is just not the case." Wow, really? People online are like, normal? What a revelation! Plus — you're not going to believe this — sometimes married men will post profiles online!


Coloccia has many scoops like this, which is why, perhaps, she is "developing" an online dating course. Which people will be able to take online. Lord knows how much Coloccia's class will cost (her book is $16.99 on Amazon) but here's some FREE ADVICE regarding dating online:


It's dating. With e-mail.

People lie online. They also lie in bars, at dinner parties and in bed. People post old pictures online. They also wear toupees, assume an expensive car will act as bait and have clammy hands in real life. There are married guys looking to cheat online, just like in real life! You can meet a gross loser online, just like you can in real life. And! I have dated online and I can safely say: You can meet a great, funny, smart, cute guy online. Just like you can in real life. It may not be easy, but since when is dating — of any kind — simple?

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